As you climb you will experience different climatic/vegetation zones, hence the different type of clothing that you will require to pack.

Zone I – Arable Land (800-1800m)

In this zone, you will meet villagers farming different types of crops including bananas and coffee (out of the park perimeter). On the park boundaries, you will meet villagers collecting firewood. This is where you will find a Tropical Forest. There is a lot of wildlife/birds in this zone.
Zone II – Lush forest (1800-2800m)

The tropical Forest continues in this zone and deteriorates from 2000m upwards and changes to Savanna. You will still meet different kind of animals in this zone which includes colobus and blue monkey, baboons, civets buffaloes and even lions, depending on the route of ascent.

Zone III – Heather and Moorland (2800-4000m)

The savanna vegetation is taken over by Moorland. There is still sign of life below 4000m, as wildlife such as antelopes, eland and buffaloes have been seen before in these areas. Moorland Vegetation becomes dominant.

Zone IV – Alpine Desert (4000-5000m)

As you trek further, the Moorland changes to Alpine Moorland, then surprisingly Desert which gradually becomes alpine desert. From this point onwards, there is no more wildlife. The only sign of life, might be in the form of fungus.
Zone V – Arctic (Above 5000m)

This is where you get to touch the snow as its spread in different areas. Glaciers are also found in this zone. From the summit, you will get an opportunity of a sunrise of a lifetime!!