1 pair Mountain/climbing boots (already worn in) with quite rigid soles and/or sides.
1 pair Trainers for the lower slopes and drier tracks and for the evenings after trekking
1 Pair Rucksack for your personal things (e.g. camera; sun creams; lip salve; wallet; purse; water bottle)
1 Pair Waterproof duffle bag the porters to carry your gear
1 Pair Good mountain sleeping bag ( – 5 to – 20 degrees Celsius)
1 Pair Sleeping mat (We provide foam mats at no extra cost)
1 Pair Good warm waterproof mountain jacket
3 Pairs Wool or polypropylene sweaters (wearing in layers is better than one thick one).
1 Pair Waterproof mountain trousers
1 Pair Cotton trekking trousers (adventure khaki wear)
1 Pair Cotton shorts (for the 1st day/returning day)
1 Pair Warm, water proof mountain gloves
2 Pairs Underwear
1 Pair Thermals
2/3 Pairs Tee-shirts and wool shirts
2/3 Pairs Woolen socks – not too thick
1 Pair Sun hat
1 Pair High factor sun cream or block
1 Pair Balaclava/woolly hat
1 Pair Sunglasses with side panels
½ Pairs Telescopic walking poles (recommended especially for the descent!)
1 Pair Gaiters
1 Pair Headlamp with extra batteries
1 Pair Good torch
1 Pair Water bottle of capacity at least one litre
1 Set Lightweight toiletries


Booking procedures and FAQs


You will be asked to send a deposit as a confirmation.

We will make the necessary bookings and preparations for guides and assistant guides, porters, Park fees, huts or camping fees, transportation, accommodation and nutritious “energy full” food necessary for your climb.


Whether you arrive by flight or bus, you will find a Scenery Safaris Representative, with a sign board, who will arrange your transfer to the hotel or our offices.

You will then have a full briefing of your tour, and you will meet the head guide/assistant guides who will conduct an equipment check to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for a successful Kilimanjaro Summit.

You will be picked the next morning and head to the gate to start your trek according to your itinerary.



Our professional Guides, Assistant Guides and Porters are there to serve you and make sure that you have a memorable trek. This dedicated team is trained and certified by the Kilimanjaro National Park Association and the Guides/ Assistants do undergo a yearly training programmed to keep them up to date.


Our Chefs can cater local and international dishes, vegetarian and non – veg.  Please inform us if there are any special diet required or if any of the group members have allergies etc



Scenery Safaris is dedicated supporters of Kilimanjaro Porters Association. Therefore our porters have access to free trekking equipment at the porters association and we make sure that their wages are the recommended rate.


The team is also trained in first aid and rescuing skills on the mountain.